Hacker Evolution Black Developoer Edition v1.00.0092

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Credit to: Monova
From the creators of a successful hacker games series (Digital Hazard, BS Hacker, etc), Hacker Evolution is a new hacking simulation game, featuring unparalleled graphics and features. 
You play the role of a former intelligence agent, specializing in computer security. When a chain of events sets off worldwide, leaving critical service disabled, you assume the role a computer hacker to find out what happened and attempt to stop it. 
When a stock market, a central bank, satellite uplink and transoceanic fiber optics links crash, you know this is more then a simple event. Something big is behind all this, and you have to figure out what is it. 
You hack into computers, look for exploits and information, steal money to buy hardware upgrades in an attempt to put all the pieces of a big puzzle, together. 
Set in a virtual operating system environment, the game is packed with all the features required to bring the hacker feeling and experience to every gamer. 
The concept behind Hacker Evolution is to create a game that challenges the gamer's intelligence, attention and focus, creating a captivating mind game. Solve puzzles, examine code and bits of information, to help you achieve your objectives. 
Hacker Evolution: Reinsertion - free expansion pack included. 
Expand your game with new levels and a new interface skin, included for free with every copy of Hacker Evolution. Click here to read more details.
Credit to: KickassTorrent
  • Modding capability to sallow creation of custom levels
  • The included mod editor, allows you to create new game levels easily
  • Multiple interface skins
  • Complex levels and gameplay to guarantee the best experience
  • Optional freelance jobs to offer more variety
  • Complex command console with over 20 commands and tools
Credit to: LombokStudy
  • Windows ME/XP/2000/2003/Vista
  • Microsoft DirectX 8.0
  • Pentium ® 1GHz processor or faster, 512Mb RAM, 200Mb free disk space
  • 16Mb DirectX 8.0 compatible videocard
  • Microsoft compatible keyboard and mouse
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for compiling the source codes
Amacam? Berminat nak jadi hackers? Jom try game ni dulu. Masta yang di luar sana mesti dah lepas game ni. Betul tak? Kalau nak download, klik je tajuk post ni.

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    1. naim says:

      nenek.. dah main ke? Nak sedut..

      streamyx slow akhir nie! tensen~~ :((

    2. nenek says:

      nnek dh men .. lpas level 1 je :p

      alaa,mmg pn .. dowg nga wt projek .. smpy akhr bln neyh klo x slp :)

    3. naim says:


      Nanti naim donload.. ^^

      Thankz sharing ye nenek..

    4. nenek says:

      oo,k2 .. slmt m'cbe .. nnt dh pro aja nnek ea? ^^

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